Hello, I am Chise Hachiroku!

Atypical Generation Z, Singleton (by all means), Junior programmer, Quasi-Hikikomori, J-Pop & Anime lover, DATE·A·LIVE Saikou! Also, late-stage Chuunibyo when online. BTW not my real name.

Undergraduate Class of 2021 in Computer Science at the University of Manchester. For academic part of my life, see C86 Academic at C86.ac.cn.

You’ve arrived at this page because you typed or linked to “C86.moe”, the domain for my personal amusement and daily lives.

Other sites & Projects I am currently contributing to:

  • Girl Cafe Gun Wiki – Official-supported information website targeting players of the English varient of Girl Cafe Gun since the start of its journey. Primary contributor, main tech, and project leader.
  • GCG.moe – The only fan site I am participating in as a major operator and contributor (author). It is a fan organisation of the game “Double Life World” (双生视界), which is also widely available in Korean (as 걸카페건) and English (as Girl Cafe Gun).
    Update (17/01/2022): My activities will decrease. See more…
  • Gopher Auxiliary of EruthyllSpecifics not disclosed.

Legacy websites (no longer being actively updated):

  • C86 AyanamiCore – My humble opinions are stated on this part of my site. Some not for those easily disturbed. In Simplified Chinese.
  • C86 Kizunami – Postscript of the Ultramarine Wings, along with some of my precious memories from the past. Not suitable for children. In Simplified Chinese.
  • C86 Say Chise – Path towards freedom. My struggle from the mud of depression, written as poems for those who wish to obtain empathy.
  • the Ultramarine Wings – Artistic creations contributed by myself. It is the story realised by all of us. Fancy pages, sometimes loading slowly.

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