Hello, I am Chise Hachiroku!

Atypical Generation Z, Singleton (by all means), Junior programmer, Quasi-Hikikomori, J-Pop & Anime lover, DATE·A·LIVE Saikou! Also, late-stage Chuunibyo when online. BTW not my real name.\

Undergraduate Class of 2021 in Computer Science at the University of Manchester.

You’ve arrived at this page because you typed or linked to “C86.moe”, the domain for my personal sites.

Roughly there are two parts – Academic and Artistic. Components of the same part usually have strong relationships. However, there usually have no connection between the two parts: it is a bit like having two me.

Please do not expect any regular updates on any component of this site as it is completely private and non-commercial.

Components of C86.moe:

  • Coding / Academic:
    • C86 Academic – Chise Hachiroku’s Academic Projects. Please note that I do not provide full disclosure to the general public.
    • C86 FOSS – Free and Open Source Software port attempting to better this world.
    • C86 Open Source – Algorithms, solutions and completed code fragments to be used.
  • Blogs / Artistic:
    • C86 Kizunami – Postscript of the Ultramarine Wings, along with some of my precious memories from the past. Not suitable for children. In Simplified Chinese. Contents are provided as an archive.

Components previously with C86, now ACUnion members:

  • Astrnuts Digital – Non-profit and Commercial computing projects that provide best-effort support as well as documentation. Currently under reformation, so the website is mostly empty.
  • the Ultramarine Wings – Artistic creations contributed by me and some friends of mine. It is the story realised by all of us. Fancy pages, sometimes loading slowly.
  • ACUnion Kizunami – The dedicated site aimed to provide logistics details (such as licencing and website running Infos) as well as the host for our archives.

Sites I am currently contributing to:

  • Girl Café Gun! – The only fansite I am participating in as a major operator and contributor (author). It is a fan organisation of the game “Girl Café Gun”, which is available in China Mainland, Taiwan Province of PRC, Japan, Korea and North America.

Discontinued Components:

  • C86 AyanamiCore (Discontinued) – My humble opinions are stated on this part of my site. Some not for those easily disturbed. In Simplified Chinese. Contents are provided as an archive.
  • C86 Say Chise (Discontinued) – Path towards freedom. My struggle from the mud of depression, written as poems for those who wish to obtain empathy. Contents are provided as an archive.

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I have noticed that recently connections from P.R.C. may encounter sudden disruption with browser reporting Connection Reset or Server not Responding. Please note this has nothing to do with my side as my server provide 99.9% uptime since 2016.

However, this issue could be resolved using some techniques on my side, so please feel free to inform me about your experience. Please specify your region/province and the name of your ISP so I can take actions accordingly.

I am more than willing to help!

If you believe in any way that I may help you, or you have encountered some problems on my site, drop an e-mail to [email protected]!

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